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Enabling Secure Transactions for Zaccys customers

We take the safety of your details and your payments very seriously. As a result we use Shopify as our technology platform for all our financial transactions with you.


Who are Shopify? Shopify ( are a publicly listed company based in Canada who specialise in providing their ecommerce platform to digital businesses around the world.
What do they do for Zaccys? Shopify securely manage the financial transactions between Zaccys customers and their banks and/or credit/debit card companies.
Why do Zaccys use Shopify? Their expertise and scale. Including, Shopify have over 200,000 other merchants using their platform worldwide across about 150 countries. They have publicly reported that they have successfully and safely processed over US$14 billion of transactions.  
Why does that benefit Zaccys customers? Using Shopify means that they ensure that our site will respond quickly, they maintain the highest levels of stability and uptime, and all this allows us to focus our time on designing and creating even more fabulous shoes for you!
Are Shopify formally approved by a recognised body?

Yes. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an international information security standard for organisations that handle credit card and debit card information. This means that VISA, Mastercard, American Express and other payment providers all insist that companies that accept transactions using their cards must be PCI DSS compliant.

Shopify is certified Level 1 (the highest level) PCI DSS compliant and this compliance extends to all online stores powered by Shopify including